Villawood - Club brochure Ebook

ALDINA PJEVO & HUSEYIN KORUCAN, DEL ARAY RES IDENTS Mix It Up So what’s your workout – yoga, pilates, boxercise, weights, cycling, walking? Our Clubs can offer or facilitate whatever you like. No sweat. With a fully-equipped gym, pools, tennis court, open space and community development staff, all options are open. Clubs are fully staffed by managers who oversee the Club’s entire operations, including arranging activities and events such as Halloween, Diwali, Easter and Christmas. Club life includes many community bodies such as reading groups, walking and running groups, craft groups and many more. Make sure to bring the kids along. They love our Clubs and they can burn off energy while you work out, relax or play. Strong lines of sight in our Club design means you can keep an eye on them while you’re doing your thing. CLUB DEL ARAY GYMNAS IUM CLYDE NORTH. VIC CLUB TRI LL IUM FUNCT ION ROOM MICKLEHAM. VIC CLUB DEL ARAY FUNCT ION ROOM CLYDE NORTH. VIC